Health and Safety Policy


1. Our Company have the knowledge of its legal responsibilities to secure good health and safety practices and procedures. We know is vital for any responsible company the health, safety and welfare of all its staff members and subcontractors working on its behalf.

2. Our Company is striving to ensure and provide the high quality information, training and supervision about health and safety regulations at work to all our staff. We encourage them to follow the health and safety practices so far as possible to provide our customers great, health and safety services.

3. Our Company makes sure all our staff members are actively involved in training and maintaining methods for self-safe operating conditions and practices. We expect from them to take reasonable health and safety care of their own and any surrounded people who can be involved during their work process.

4. Our Company is giving the promise to carry out regular monitoring reviews and make periodically reports for the correct following of this policy and ensure that the company standards of health and safety are well maintained and strictly followed by all our staff.


1. Our Company takes the responsibility to:

– Ensure suitable financial provision is made for health and safety obligations;
– Bring appropriate information of all safety policies and instructions to all our staff;
– Safeguard the health, safety and welfare of our staff and those whose work is controlled by the company;
– Have regard for the health and safety of those not employed by the Company, but who may be affected by the Company’s operations;
– Make arrangements for health and safety at work for both the Company and the Client;
– Ensure that health and safety issues are considered and minimized for the work undertaken.

2. All our staff members shall at all times take responsible care of themselves and have due regard for the health and safety of others who may be affected by their work activities.

3. The Company does not take responsibility for wrong taken actions, breaking the rules in this health and safety policy from side of any of our staff members. We ensure our clients in case of made mistake due to a breakage of our health and safety policy, the member responsible for that will be asked to take a personal responsibility and compensate the client on it’s own.


Our Company have considered the health and safety conditions in all aspects of our work and documented where possible. The following aspects draw the principal way in which we implement the Company health and safety regulations:

1. Communication:

The content of our policy and the specific rules outlining our work are drawn to the attention of our staff and clients. Both staff member and client have to present their views on health and safety requirements over the job/s to be carry out.

2. Training:

Instructions appropriate to the responsibilities of our staff has to be given when they are welcomed into our Company. We are especially providing training for:
– ladder safety;
– gas safety;
– electrical safety;
– manual handling;
– heavy lifting;
– painting hazards;
– power tool safety; etc.

Further instructions to ensure health and safety will be provided when needed and considered to every individual carrying out of a job due to the client requests.

3. Risk Assessment:

Risk assessments are carried out constantly by our staff during their work assignments. Hazardous are considered and working methods are established to minimise the risk of injuries on behalf of themselves and people or animals that can be affected by their work. We are insuring that our staff members has been provided with sufficient information about specific hazards. If something during their work process is unclear for them, they are advised to consult the health and safety officer of the Company. For every undertaken job our health and safety officer has the legal obligation to provide risk assessments to the staff member who will carry out the job.

4. Equipment:

We want to ensure our staff and our clients, that we perform all tasks with I high quality brands of equipment. We take the responsibility of keeping our equipment in good working order, taking in to account various factors:
– Statutory Testing;
– Type of equipment;
– Amount of use;
– Consequences of failure.
The company does not allow the usage of any kind of equipment bought personally from any of our staff members without our consideration and permission from any of our managers.

5. Personal protective Equipment:

Our staff member have to be equipped with:
– safety masks;
– first aid kits;
– surgical gloves;
– workman’s gloves;
– shoe covers;
– protective clothing;
– helmets;
– dust masks

and can purchase any other safety equipment they think could be necessary to perform their tasks safety.

6. Hazardous Substances:

In case where hazardous substances are to be used, the manufacturer’s instructions should be strictly followed and PPE worn when necessary.

7. Manual Handling:

Manual handling risks are considered prior to each activity. The working method has to be led to minimise all manual handling risks wherever possible. We advise our staff members to do not handle loads which they feel incapable to move safely.

8. Public Safety:

When working in a public places or outdoor spaces the public safety has to be considered at all times and appropriate protective actions to be taken.