Gardening Services and Maintenance

We are here to help you have the dreamed garden

When speaking about gardens most of the time is presented and shared strong relation with our homes.

While the house is our inner space made to protect us, the garden is the outer part of the house where we can enjoy the sun, relaxing and even having a nice time with friends.

Why not been proud with a stunning garden with our Professional Gardener’s help?

We are here to handle the maintenance of your garden and keep it in a great impact with your home and enhance the overall aesthetic of it.

When going out in the garden we want to enjoy the fresh air and healthy ambience of the sun, so we do not need to see anything unpleasant for our eyes such as it can be overgrown grass and bushes, dry sticks going out from everywhere or a pile of dry leaves.

But with the hectic life we live we barely have a time to spend maintaining the house, what about having enough time to go in the garden. So the best solution is to find the Right Gardener to maintain our garden space.

To have our Right Gardeners working for you just

Give us a call and arrange your next visit with us.

If you are looking for an Experienced, Good mannered and Friendly gardeners we are Proud to present to your attention the range of the services The Right Gardeners are able to provide you:

Regular Gardening Maintenance

We can offer you Weekly, Forth-nightly and Monthly Service, or you can give us your personal time preferences.

Our regular Upkeep includes trimming of hedges, lawn mowing, weeding, leaf clearance and other general maintenance tasks due to your recommendations.

General Tidy Up

Removal of any vegetation and full clearance of gardens from weeds and unwanted bramble.

We can remove in need any bushes, small trees, ivy, and all other kinds of overgrown greenery that disturbs you.

Lawn Maintenance:

Lawn mowing, aeration, scarification, edging, lawn repairing – Re-seed patches or turfing, totally re-seed or re-lay the lawn.

Hedge, Bush and Trees pruning and cutting

Pruning of the shrubs is important for their look and their health. Fine Professional shaping a hedge and bushes. Well acknowledged pruning of a small trees.

Garden Design

We are delighted to help with a little gardening design services as a placing a decorative boarders or planting flowers or bushes as a part of our maintaining gardening services.

Jet Wash service

Pressure stream cleaning of driveways, patios and outdoor hard surfaces and garden furniture and toys.

Gutter cleaning

Removing Gutter debris to prevent your roof from leaks and water damage; Our professionals recommend a cleaning of your gutters minimum twice in a year, especially before the heavy rains in September starts.

Garden Waste Collection

Every performance of our gardening services includes to be taken 180l of green waste (aprox. 2 x 90l black bin bags). Every additional waste will be considered with you if you are likely to be removed from your premises. You can find any additional information about the prices here.

100% satisfaction

You have our promise to send you a Professional Team of 2 Highly Experienced Gardeners which will perform Fast and Clean your service. The price is hourly based you can find it on hour price list.

You can take as many time as you think would be necessary for maintaining or general tidy  of your garden and when the professionals will come they will estimate Right your time. You can be sure you’ll never get paid more unless necessary and definitely with your full acceptance.

We are giving you our Guarantee for 100% Satisfaction after every visit of any of our Professional Gardeners. They are Highly Trained and Motivated to fulfil all your requirements about the look of your garden. They are ready to do everything as much as it’s possible to make our customers Happy.

The equipment which our gardeners are using and equipped with is from the High Quality and Top Brand retailors in UK.

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