Bathroom refurbishment and new installation? –

Be one step closer to the So-long expected changing of your bathroom!

Do you need a Bathroom refurbishment or a total new installation? That service can be very costly, so the decision is usually handled within the pressure of money. Deciding to start such a project have to be carefully considered whether you desire a totally new look or just to do some little changes.

Is your bathroom already looking too old fashioned? Or there are plenty of problems to be solved? Probably its better to go for a full  refurbishment. This can be much more positive than just refreshing of the old one. Of course is a matter of a cost. That’s why we are here to give you our expert advice. We will help you make the right and most suitable choice for you.

We can give new look to your bathroom with our totally renovating services or just with a small touches of improvement. At Right Domestic Services we can help you to be one step closer to the so-long expected results.

Whatever you decide to go for:

Making a few little fixes to your bathroom

or a complete major bathroom refurbishment

Our Promise

is to go through the whole process with you.

The Right Domestic Services Professionals are Highly Experienced and Qualified. That’s why you can  trust us on 100%. We will go an extra mile for you to receive the Highest Quality Results. 

As a promise of High Standards and Quality we recommend the using of high quality materials. Our clients are always advised to use one of our best partners in bathroom renovation process :

Our main aim is to make you Happy when seeing your new Bathroom!

If you have the clear idea you want to renovate your bathroom, do not hesitate to

Call Us or Use our Contact form to schedule a quote with our Experts.

The services we can offer to you vary in a wide range from full Bathroom Refurbishment to the smallest electrical details.

Bathroom Refurbishment, New Design and Installation

Are you planing to make some general bathroom refurbishment? Or you wish to keep some old stuff from your existing bathroom? You might need a full re-designing or partial transformation of your bathroom? From Right Domestic Services we are more than pleased to go through the whole process with you. From the first scratch of removing everything existing to the end of a totally new refurbished bathroom.

Our services are orientated to seek for 100% Customer’s Satisfaction. We can handle everything from the very first to the final details, important for you.

As a part of a whole project we can:
– repair existing dry-walls or build up new ones;
– be moving stud walls;
– replacing existing windows for you;
– remodel or re-build your existing flooring.

Together with the hard part comes the finishing elements as:
– walls tilling or painting;
– sealing the tiles with grout;
– placing the bath fixtures, caulk or silicone around the corners and edges;
– installing all the electrical appliances;
– assembling  bathroom furniture and everything that matters to you.

Dry lining Repairs & Finishing

Is the leak on the ceiling caused by an invisible problem in your bathroom? This can be a very serious issue. Sometimes the problem can be caused from missing grout of the tiles or worse – there can be a burst pipe behind the dry wall. That kind of problems usually requires some serious attention. You are seriously concerned and don’t know what to do? We at Right Domestic Services are here to stand next to you and go through resolving the problem step by step with you. You are not alone! We are here to HELP you!

By giving us a call We can Promise you to send an Expert to identify where the problem comes from and address the needed repairs. We will consider all of the available options for you to resolve it.

Whatever the situation is, we will do any of the necessary repairs needed to eliminate the leak. No matter if a part from the dry wall or full replacement will be needed. Giving a fresh coat of paint. Replacing of any tiles, removed for the job to be done to give back the bathroom finished and perfect look. At the end for you will remain just to enjoy your “healthy” bathroom and take your peace of mind.

Tiles Replacing & New Installation

Are you bored of the old tiles in your bathroom or from any damaged ones? Want to create and integrate a new splash back design to your bathroom? We at Right Domestic Services can renew your bathroom with new tiles throughout your entire space. Or we can replace just the broken ones to bring back your bathroom to live.

Whatever your wish is, to have something simple or may be something fancy, you can always share your ideas with us. We will realise your project so you’ll be falling in love with your bathroom new style.

Re-grouting and Re-sealing

Do you have missing grout on your tiles? Or maybe you have resealed your tub or basin? Is the water dripping behind your walls and causing a mould? Is your downstairs ceiling leaking?

You surely can have serious problem. Don’t wait everything to be destroyed and get your fast re-sealing and re-grouting services done on time. We can restore the sealant around your tub and basin and re-grout your entire tiles to prevent any damages occurring from the water.

We Promise to use the best products on the market to protect your bathroom from mould and mildew, but not only. Get now your Right Domestic Services and Reassure your Guaranteed Fine done Bathroom with long lasting effect.

Shower heads and tabs repairing and New Installation and pipes soldering

Whatever problem you are facing with your bathroom fixtures give us a call and some of Our Right Domestic Services Experts will work out the right solution – change or repair?

With the fixtures we are giving the perfect finish of our bathroom. So it is essential and important that all tabs and showers not just look stunning, but working properly. When the fixtures in your bathroom don’t work well they can be repaired. It doesn’t always mean they need to be replaced.

So don’t hesitate to give us a call and we’ll sort this out.

Valves Servicing

Your shower or basin valve sputter have leak or lack of pressure? We can fix all of this and help you save some money from replacement when possible. We can inspect your shower valve, find the problem and provide fast and simple repair.

If you do need to replace it with new one our professionals are here to help you find and install a new suitable option to match your bathroom style.

Shower Screens and Bath Tub Panels Installation & Repair

Is your shower screen or bath tub panel damaged or in need of an upgrade? Our Experts are here to successfully install the new ones or repair any existing.

If your shower screen or bath panel are allowing water leaking over your floor or around your bathroom, just give us a call and we will arrange a handyman to come and help you.

Do you miss a shower screen in your Bathroom and everything becomes wet? For surely you need a shower screen to be mounted. So we can handle that task for you as well.  Just call us and we will send a Right Domestic Services professional to do it for you.?

Toilet and Bidet Repair, Replacement & New Installation

If your toilet is too old and messy and brings down the design of your bathroom, may be is time to replace it. Our Professional experts can install a new toilet, bidet and cisterns in your bathroom. They will do a probes to ensure that everything is functioning well and fully compliments your space.

For minor problems our team can provide effective repairs from adding a new wax ring, repairing cistern, any flush mechanisms to solving a problem with the overflow.

Bathroom Furniture & Mirror Installation

Picking and installing a new furniture and mirror for your bathroom looks easy, but it can be a serious and tricky job. You can make your choice and buy it.  But the installation process should be handled with a professional tradesman.

Our Right Domestic Services Handyman can do more than just installing your chosen item. They can help you with removing your old ones and prepare the space for your the installation of the new selected items. As they also can help you with choosing the right items for your bathroom if you are uncertain what to by. Give us a call today to learn more about installing new bathroom furniture and mirrors.

Bathroom Ventilation Fan Installation & Repair

Is your bathroom in struggle for fresh air to dry easier and doesn’t have a window in it? Then for sure you need a new fan installation or an old one to be repaired? You really need to protect your bathroom from the spread of mould, mildew or other damages before it’s too late.

It’s important to take care of the ventilation in your wet room. Just like you do it for the plumbing system. A simple extractor fan can prevent and stop the moisture in your wet facilities. Moisture frequently can cause a serious damage to your bathroom and the entire house.

Moisture can be very harmful for the health of anyone who lives within a premises with such a kind of issues. The most harmful can be especially for little children. Developing and increasing the quantity of Mould and Mildew can lead to very big structural damage, and bring the need of a very costly repairs.

To prevent and stop any concerns of spreading moisture give our experienced team a call and discuss the matter with us. We are more than happy to help you with that very important task – to simply repair your old fan or to install a new one. Don’t leave the Mould and Mildew make you sick!

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